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It's football season... already??

Holy cow... where did summer go?!?! I can't believe the first official football game is only a week away, and Labor Day is next week too! Gotta love long weekends...

Here's a fun little project I did in anticipation for family football gatherings. A crocheted football blanket! I finished it up surprisingly quick- I think I worked on it at night after work for about two weeks. If you want my pattern chart and some basic instructions to make one, click here!

My dog Howie loves being in pictures for some reason.  And he really likes rolling around on blankets. Wearing a jersey... not so much. 

How cool is this helmet?!?! Bart Starr, Brett Favre, AND Aaron Rodgers! My grandpa is good friends with the owner of Stadium View Bar & Grill, so he was able to borrow this beauty for me for a few days.

Aside from crocheting random stuff and setting up goofy photo shoots of said stuff, I've been so incredibly busy the last couple months!

We're slowly re-painting our front por…