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Attic Treasures: Rainbow Clamshells

Oh boy. What have I gotten myself into?

I got home from the quilt show last weekend all excited about my Attic Treasures bag of pastel rainbow clamshells, so I dumped them all over the den floor. I have no idea what the original plan was for these, but it seemed like some of them were organized in little color gradations. Not anymore! I divided all the shells up and grouped them by color just to see what I was working with. There appear to be 800+ pieces here! Yikes!

My conclusion- there's a LOT of peach. And quite a bit of purple. I guess  the majority of the quilt will be peach and purple! I may add a neutral grey in there too, depending on the design I come up with.

I think I'm feeling a rainbow fish coming on...

There are a few stacks of large gingham check pieces mixed in, and I'm not sure I like them. They'll be helpful for practicing sewing these shapes together though!

It seems like maybe these pieces were cut out by several people, judging by the handwriting on…

Evergreen Quilt Show 2018

I attended my first-ever quilt show last weekend, and I loved it!

Our local quilt guild, Evergreen, puts on a bi-annual show complete with lots of beautiful quilts, awards, and vendors from as far away as Upper Michigan.

While I know this show is very small in comparison to the great big ones like Quilt Festival in Houston and QuiltCon in Pasadena, I was really impressed with the level of skill that quilters in our area possess! I saw so many beautiful quilts that inspired me, and maybe next time the show rolls around I'll have something to enter myself. I'm also planning to look into not only the Evergreen Guild, but the textile arts group "Women Who Run with Scissors" as well. I could use some crafty, quilty friends.

Here are a few of my favorites from the show... although everything was really gorgeous! I'm especially impressed with some of the hand-quilted items. Holy moly- I don't have the patience for that.

Naptime at Tiffany's

One of my New Year's Resolutions this year is to finish at least 12 quilts in 2018. It's a tad bit ambitious, but I really want to work at improving my quilting and maybe even design a few patterns to sell. I also hope to use my new longarm skills on several of them!

I finished my first quilt of the year this past weekend. It's the one that I had been working on with my friend Daniel for his niece... and I finally got it all quilted and bound. It's so cute!

I'm calling it "Naptime at Tiffany's", since it was inspired by Audrey Hepburn (Daniel's niece's namesake).

I love the little glitz of gold "confetti" splashed throughout the piecing, and the gold binding makes me think of a classy gold frame.

Originally, the plan was to assemble the quilt with all the squares in the same direction, with the gold slices making a vertical line down one side. Once I played around with it a bit though, I thought the big diagonal stripes looked fresh …