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Oh noooooo!

Ugh. I hate it when this happens! I've fallen in love with a quilt that's supposed to be a gift!

Fortunately, it's a crib-sizer for my soon-to-be nephew. I can't steal a quilt from a baby! I guess it wouldn't do me much good anyways, being so small. But I really do love how it's turning out!

I've never considered myself to be great at matching prints. I've tried to quilt with all prints before and it just doesn't turn out how I thought it would. This quilt is different... somehow I managed to choose nine fabrics that look so pretty together, it's like they were meant to be!

But it didn't happen that easily. I think I pulled out 20 bolts of fabric at JoAnn's and put them back about 12 times before I finally settled. And even then, I didn't quite settle completely.  I had picked out a variety of 10 or so prints in the color scheme I was shooting for. Of course, the colors all looked a little different in the store than they did at home…