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Repurpose for a Reason: more progress...

It's coming together!

I'm really excited about how the cushion cover turned out... and I have to say I've impressed myself. It looks pretty darn professional. And my product tester is happy. :)

I started by cutting the top and bottom fabrics to size. This particular suitcase is about 18.5" x 28.5", so I cut my rectangles to that size, plus an inch for my half-inch seam allowances.

The top of the bed is the only piece I cut out of the green pixel fabric. It's softer and cozier than the brown vinyl, but I really wanted to get a bit of the cute pattern onto the top surface, since the majority of the bed will be hidden within the suitcase. I decided to add some decorative corners- it looks adorable, and it makes the corners more durable in case Mr. Pooch likes to dig a little. Howie seems to like to stuff his nose in the corners (must smell interesting?), so I can imagine some digging might happen.

To add the decorative corners, I cut two 7" squares out of …

Repurpose for a Reason: in progress...

I had better get on this Pucci Gucci dog bed! I had Ragnar relays two weekends in a row at the end of September, so I've been a bit MIA. Any time I've actually spent at home was dedicated to attempting to catch up on housework.

BUT... November is creeping ever closer, and this project is definitely one of those "have to get it done" ones. The event is taking place on Nov. 9, and I'd like to have this completed well ahead of time.

If you recall from my previous post, I got pretty much everything I needed- aside from thread, zippers and little embellishments- from the ReStore. I also needed to find some fluffy stuff to fill the cushion. I'm really trying to do this as greenly and economically as possible, so I considered finding an old couch on the side of the road and stealing the cushions, but that just seemed kind of gross.

Then I got the idea to reach out to our local Verlo Mattress Factory about potentially getting some scraps from their manufacturing proc…

Steampunk'n it up...

Sometimes I think I shouldn't be allowed access to the internet. It's dangerous.

I got sucked into an auction site the other day, lured by a beautiful antique green leather tufted couch that would be the most gorgeous prop for outdoor family photos... the bidding was only at $5, but I just don't have anywhere to keep such a thing! Especially considering that I only do portraits every 3 months or so, for a very select group of friends.

On the same auction site, I came across a really neat old knitting machine, and then a cool vintage scale and a steam-punky old barometer gauge...

And then I started getting ideas. Christmas will be here before we know it (!!), and I had better get a start on my gift shopping... or making, I guess.

My hubby is notoriously hard to buy gifts for. He pretty much buys whatever he wants, so I generally have to get creative if I want to give him anything meaningful. Usually he ends up with a couple sweatshirts and some jeans and socks for Chris…

A BUZZ-Worthy Office Baby Shower

The time is drawing near for my co-worker's baby to arrive!

We decided to have a pizza party to celebrate at work, and I volunteered to make dessert and come up with a few fun games and decorations. The baby's gender is going to be a surprise to mom and dad (see my gender neutral shower gift here!), so we wanted to pick a theme that made sense for either. Since her husband drives a race car that's yellow and black, we thought a bumble bee theme would be really cute.

Let's do dessert first. I had a bunch of leftover ice cream cones from a cookout a few weeks back, and decided to try making cupcakes in them. I topped each of the cupcakes (cone cakes?) with a cute ice cream-like swirl of fluffy yellow frosting, and adorned them with some edible sugar bees and flowers.

For funsies, I hid a plastic baby inside one of the cones before baking. Whoever finds it gets to be the "honorary dad". We three gals work with about 20 men, and they all are staking claim to t…