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Planning & Prepping: Football Quilt

My grandpa Chet is one unique guy. I figured he could use a really unique quilt for his 90th birthday.

He loves the Green Bay Packers, so I knew right away I wanted to make him an awesome Packers quilt. I also didn't want it to take too long, since I only had about 6 days to put it together!

An idea popped into my head as I was lying in bed... I was inspired to do star points because I've been binge-watching Angela Walters' Midnight Quilt Show recently, and her first episode featured some large blocks made with them. I sketched out a quick plan on a piece of notebook paper.

I decided to use a few old t-shirts from St. Vinny's as the official Packers stuff (NFL fabric is EXPENSIVE! And it only comes in like two variations...). I picked out a bunch of old shirts from the Packers section that had similarly-styled printed logos on them. I knew I wanted two yellow ones and two green ones for balance. One of the shirts I picked was a two-fer... it had a print on the front an…

She's got Pipes

Wowza! Yeah, she's got pipes alright!

A little update on my closet makeover...  which is taking longer than I really wanted it to.

The funny thing is that this isn't even everything I need. My "home" Menard's was a few short on a couple different fittings. Fortunately there is more than one store in the area!

Here's the breakdown of my expenses so far:
$20 for bits, tools & fasteners$6.50 for a quart of Ebony wood stain$270 for pipe fittings (lots of them...), including $20 for Menard's to pick them all off the shelf for me (totally worth it to save two hours of counting!)$64 for lumber (three 10 foot and one 8 foot 2x12")*$30 for red paint$26 for new matching velvet hangers (Chalene says this is a MUST! ha ha...) So, basically, I'll have an industrial-vibe boutique style closet (valued at $1700, according to Pinterest) for just about $420 and a few weekends of my time. I'd say that's a win!

I got the lumber from Home Depot since they…

The Cutest Packers Fan Ever

My grandpa turned 90 last weekend...

He's pretty much the coolest grandpa ever, and he's a huge (yet tiny) Packers fan- has been his whole life. He's a Shareholder, he's been to several Super Bowls, and even a Pro Bowl in Japan!

I gave him a "coupon" for a hand-made quilt for Christmas several years ago, and every time I see him he reminds me that he hasn't gotten his quilt yet. So I figured, what better time to make him a quilt than for his birthday? I knew exactly what I wanted to do... but the only problem was that I didn't realize we were having a surprise party for him until two weeks ago. I literally started the quilt with 6 days on the clock... 

And I actually made some amazing progress! It wasn't complete, but I was able to put a section of the finished quilt in a bag for him to open at the party!

He wasn't too happy about me taking it back home with me though... :) I promised I'd get the finished product to him within the next we…