She's got Pipes

Wowza! Yeah, she's got pipes alright!

A little update on my closet makeover...  which is taking longer than I really wanted it to.

The funny thing is that this isn't even everything I need. My "home" Menard's was a few short on a couple different fittings. Fortunately there is more than one store in the area!

Here's the breakdown of my expenses so far:
  • $20 for bits, tools & fasteners
  • $6.50 for a quart of Ebony wood stain
  • $270 for pipe fittings (lots of them...), including $20 for Menard's to pick them all off the shelf for me (totally worth it to save two hours of counting!)
  • $64 for lumber (three 10 foot and one 8 foot 2x12")*
  • $30 for red paint
  • $26 for new matching velvet hangers (Chalene says this is a MUST! ha ha...)
So, basically, I'll have an industrial-vibe boutique style closet (valued at $1700, according to Pinterest) for just about $420 and a few weekends of my time. I'd say that's a win!

I got the lumber from Home Depot since they cut wood for free. The old guy that "helped" me was kind of a jerk... he looked at me like I was crazy when I told him I was building shelves out of framing lumber, but oh well! At least he didn't complain too much when I had him cut my pieces into exact measurements. *It would have been less expensive and to get two 16' lengths of lumber, but there weren't any nice pieces that weren't warped or split or missing chunks. It would have also created less scrap with the dimensions I needed cut.

We really confused the poor checkout gal.

Originally, I had planned to bring all these chunks of lumber to work to drill the holes on the drill press... but 5 weeks of driving 38 feet of lumber around in my car later, I decided to just suck it up and drill them with the hand drill. I was worried they'd be crooked or something, but my brand-new forstner bit was nice and sharp and made quick work of it.



Measurements are key here- the pipes will go through all the holes, so they need to line up perfectly to avoid having crooked shelves. I think I did ok... but the true test will be when we go to assemble them! I still need to borrow an orbital sander to get the big rough spots out and clean up the edges, and then they'll be stained a deep ebony and coated in polyurethane to prevent our clothes from snagging on any cracks.

Sidenote: let's celebrate the amazing Subaru Outback! :) This car is so great for just about everything... I've tossed my bike in the back and drove to a triathlon, hauled lumber the next weekend, then drove my hubby and our dog Howie up to the cabin with all our stuff. While I do miss my previous car's funky style- a lime green Hyundai Veloster- I feel a thousand times safer in my Subie, and it's also a thousand times more practical. I'm SO glad it was nice out yesterday! It needed a cleaning really bad, and I finally gave it a good detail, inside and out. Kind of one reason why I decided to bite the bullet and hand drill these boards... they were NOT going back in my shiny clean car!


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