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The Five Minute Wreath- Halloween

Oh, Martha Stewart... or I guess Martha's Minions who craft for her magazine... you always come up with stuff that is so simply obvious, but clearly not obvious enough for me to invent on my own... and then leave me kicking myself for not thinking of it first!

Take this cool black Halloween door decoration featuring slithering snakes on a grapevine wreath, for example. I'm actually kind of surprised there's a tutorial for this, it's so simple!

Anyways... I loved it, so I decided to make my own. I ordered a bunch of rubber snakes on a 12-pack of 36" snakes and a baggie of little 6" buggers. The grapevine wreath was from Michael's. And this is all I needed...

So, basically, all I did was weave the snakes in and out of the grapevines, starting with the big ones. They were more coiled than I expected, so they fought with me a little while I was trying to stretch them out, but they keep their shape nicely once they were adjusted. I gravitated towar…