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Kick in the Pants!

Oh my goodness... I stumbled upon this amazing blog while searching for methods of making new wood look old: Young House Love. I wish to live vicariously through them... ha ha. If only. Nah, if anything, their impeccable taste and incredible use of thrifty finds to furnish their beautiful home(s) is so inspiring! It got me thinking about all the stuff I wanted to do to our house when we bought it three years ago that we never got around to.

One of those things is our closet. It's a decent size- big enough to walk into, but there is literally no storage space. There's one lame shelf in the back (where the ceiling slopes down to about four and a half feet high) that's covered in nasty peeling sticky paper, and a dozen random hooks around the walls. Not the most useful... since we moved in, we've been living out of flip-top plastic boxes. We did finally get a decent dresser from Ikea a while back, and that holds all the little stuff like socks and undies, but it's def…