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Long plane rides are good for something

Ever get on a plane and just sit there, bored out of your mind, too uncomfortable to sleep, and screaming children make it impossible anyways...? That's pretty much my morning today!

Fortunately, I brought along a few skeins of yarn and a crochet hook... Sanity savers in this situation!
On my way down to Dallas for work yesterday morning, I whipped up a couple coffee mug cozies and a Yarnation practically before we even took off!

I'm thinking the yarn is coming out again soon... I tried getting some sleep on my first flight since I had to get up at 3 this morning- but no dice. Fortunately, today's travel has just one very short layover and a quick jump home from Chicago. My bed is calling me!

Getting Thrifty

I stumbled across some really cheap home dec fabric samples as I wandered my local JoAnn's store last weekend... 50 cents a piece! The samples were perfect 17" squares- just the right size for some throw pillows!

I had been wanting to do a bit of fall decorating in my living room, and what better way than to add some pops of red, orange and brown? I picked out 6 fabric samples (for a whopping $3!), picked up some pillow forms and zippers, and headed home to whip up some festive pillows to go with my bargain-bin, last-year's-style decorative pumpkins!

Fastest project ever. Done in record time! Each pillow took about 3 minutes to sew, including putting in the zipper. I like to sew the zipper to the pieces before sewing around the edges... it seems a lot easier to me than adding it in after the front and back pieces are already together.

Of course, the zipper isn't really necessary. I just like having it there in case I want to change up my pillows for the next holiday.…

Gotta love gettin' stuff done!

I finally got some free time to work on the honeycomb quilt I started in March! And once I got some momentum going, the piecing was done in no time!

I love how the colors turned out together. I was a little worried at first because some of them seemed so similar- I actually mixed a couple up a few times and had to rip out the seams and re-do them.

I just can't decide which I like better, the front or the back! And I just love it against my lime green studio walls! :) Well... they look a bit yellow in these pictures. I wish everything in life could be lime green...

Now I've got to find the time and energy to sandwich and quilt this puppy... Maybe I should look into renting time on the long arm machines at the tech school or something. That sure would make it easier!

Salmony-Peachy Table Runner

Hubby and I helped my mom move into her new place last night. It's a small, one-bedroom house, but she's well on her way to a fresh start! It was definitely a long day for us... work at 6:30 am and move stuff until midnight! I slept really well last night.

I finally got around to giving my mom her mother's day gift- the quilted table runner/ wall hanging in shades of peach and black and grey. I guess it was more of a housewarming gift... but she loves it! It looks lovely on her new-used dining room table from Craigslist (score!).

Please forgive the photo redundancies here... I've really got to figure out some more creative places to take pictures of my stuff! :)

Whooooo loves owls!?!?

I found this cute owl hat pattern on Pinterest... and of course I had to try one!

I followed the 3-6 month old pattern, and it only took me an hour or so to do. I still struggle with sizing despite making a gauge swatch- it's pretty tiny, but it will fit little nephew for a little while at least! If he out grows it, I'll just make another one...

Which I just did! I think the little noggin outgrew the yellow owl hat in the first five minutes he wore it. Here's the 6 to 12 month version, in a pretty turquoise. I'll post a better picture later!

I do like the cat eye brown buttons I chose for the eyes better than the plain black ones on the original post, but that's just a matter of opinion.