Getting Thrifty

I stumbled across some really cheap home dec fabric samples as I wandered my local JoAnn's store last weekend... 50 cents a piece! The samples were perfect 17" squares- just the right size for some throw pillows!

I had been wanting to do a bit of fall decorating in my living room, and what better way than to add some pops of red, orange and brown? I picked out 6 fabric samples (for a whopping $3!), picked up some pillow forms and zippers, and headed home to whip up some festive pillows to go with my bargain-bin, last-year's-style decorative pumpkins!

Fastest project ever. Done in record time! Each pillow took about 3 minutes to sew, including putting in the zipper. I like to sew the zipper to the pieces before sewing around the edges... it seems a lot easier to me than adding it in after the front and back pieces are already together.

Of course, the zipper isn't really necessary. I just like having it there in case I want to change up my pillows for the next holiday. :) And just in case Howie decides they look tasty...

"Who me? I'm too cute to be sassy!"


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