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Wow... it's been a while.

Holy cow. It's crazy how time gets away from you sometimes. It's literally been months since I posted anything here! It seems that it is now baby season again... this year more so than ever! I've got lots and lots of baby stuff to make this summer...

First off, my oldest stepbrother and his girlfriend are expecting their first baby boy in August. I've kind of taken the reigns on the baby shower, and we've decided on a frog theme! Love it!

I designed the invites last week and sent them off to the printer. It will take a couple weeks to get them in, so in the meantime I began a search for ribbons and the exact-shaped die cut frogs to stick on the invites... doh! I get these ideas in my head thinking that the pieces will be easy to find, but no. I searched all over and found nothing.

Because I'm kind of a perfectionist, I was determined to find a solution. I bought some shiny green paper from Hobby Lobby, thinking it would make excellent frogs. My first plan was t…