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Boots for Barter!

My hairstylist posted a want ad on Facebook. She claimed she'd give a free haircut to anyone who could make her these slipper boots: Little Red Riding Slippers. Challenge accepted.

CAUTION: DO NOT visit this website if you are an obsessive crocheter/knitter like me! Soooo many amazing patterns! And FREE!!!

I didn't have size 10 double points to make the foot parts and couldn't find any in stores, so I had to order some online. While I was waiting for my Knit Picks Rainbow DPNs to arrive, I got started on the upper cable sections, which are knit flat on regular needles. I had picked out some basic worsted weight yarn in grey with little flecks of brown in it, which ended up matching really well with the coconut shell buttons I picked out. These parts worked up really quickly (and kept my interest with the cable pattern), and soon I had two strips of cute grey cables. Yay!

My DPNs had arrived, along with a hank of lovely primary colored Stroll Sock Yarn in Cartoon for a Chr…

Super-Fast Firetruck Bed Set

One of my really good friends from way, way back in elementary school Facebook messaged me out of the blue a couple weeks ago about possibly making a bedroom set for her son's 2nd birthday (holy cow... I feel old).

Of course, I won't pass up an opportunity to make stuff on other people's dollars... so we met at JoAnn's after one of my Saturday morning 10Ks (I was dressed as a mummy for the Halloween-themed race; that's a strange impression to make after not seeing each other for several years!) and picked out some fabric. We decided to do wholecloth, since it's quick and simple; the little guy's new bed is in the shape of a big red fire truck, so mom didn't want anything too busy (a request which we may have accidentally ignored...). We chose a super cute "fast-looking" chevron print in primary colors for one side and a navy blue for the other. Reversible! I grabbed a few pieces of solid fabric in some matching colors to make a colorblocked ed…

Cleopatra's Mummy Costume

I signed up for a Halloween-themed costume race a few months ago and had to come up with something that was cute, but that I could also run in. Being a little glamorous wouldn't hurt either...

Hmm... mummies are cool and pretty simple to pull off, but where does the sparkle come in? Ah ha! Cleopatra's mummy! I'll bet she was one fancy, jewel-encrusted mummy...

I started off with some cheap muslin fabric. I bought two yards, and then ripped it up into 2" strips. Cool. But mummies aren't white. They're grungy and dusty from being entombed for centuries. So I dyed my strips of fabric with tea.

I pretty much just boiled some water, tossed in the tea leaves and stirred in my fabric strips. If I were to do it again, I would definitely contain the tea leaves in a pouch or something... I was hoping they'd stick to the fabric and make little dark spots, but it just made a huge mess- especially when I tossed the strips in the dryer. Yikes. It sounds like one of thos…

Fit for a Princess

I'm starting to feel like the odd one out. Not that that's a bad thing... but I'm losing all my carefree, fun-having friends to the world of parenthood!

This time, it's one of my college buddies who got married last year. I was her wedding photographer, and she texted me earlier this summer asking how I felt about doing maternity photos (!). Of course, I'll try anything once... but no guarantees!

The more important question I had was... boy or girl? I needed to get working on a baby gift! She and her husband hosted a cute little reveal party at their new house a few months ago, and the guests got to surprise the couple with the gender of the baby by attacking them with secret-colored silly string. It was pink!

Of course, pink equals princess in this family (their wedding cake topper was Cinderella and Superman disguised as Prince Charming), so I already had a great theme to work with.

What I had very little to work with was money. Fortunately, I was able to scrou…