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Projects, projects, projects...

I have project ADD. I can't work on something for more than a week or two without switching to something else... which results in a lot of UFOs (unfinished objects). Currently, my list consists of about seven quilts and countless knit and crochet projects... and probably a whole bunch of stuff I've forgotten about.

This weekend I think I took two steps forward and one step back with my pile of UFOs.

I finally finished quilting the giraffe quilt! The walking foot for my sewing machine had broken a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to getting a new one. I woke up early on Saturday and plowed through the vertical top stitching, then stitched around the giraffe with a zig zag. I also added leaves to the top of the quilt, but my sewing machine had had enough by that point and was acting up, so I had to stop before I could get them appliqued down. I wish I would have thought about sewing the stuff on before I sandwiched the quilt together... it's such a pain to try to stu…

Baby Shower Success!

So after all this hullabaloo about the baby shower, it finally happened! It turned out great and I was so excited by everyone's participation in my little part... the advice cards!

I had seen some cards on Pinterest that had a list of "baby wishes", but they were kind of boring. I decided to turn them into onesies so they could be hung on a clothesline (and look super cute). A few of the "wishes" include: I hope you love _______ , I hope you respect ________, I hope you're not afraid to __________, I hope you grow to be _________, and so on. I added three little buttons near the bottom of the onesies for a bit of detail and more cuteness.

I also cut out little diapers for Mommy & Daddy advice. I glued little plastic safety pins to them near where they would go on a real diaper.

Each place setting got one of each advice card (and custom M&M's with pictures on them!), and guests were asked to fill them out and hang them on the clothesline with co…

Too cute not to share

This will be a quick one... I just thought these golf outing table signs turned out too cute not to share!

My work and it's sister company are doing a combined golf outing this year, and we wanted to create some table displays for the break rooms that are attention grabbing and fun. What's more fun than live plants? Well... live grass, I guess. All I did was print golf ball info cards, cut them out, and hot glue them to golf tees, which were then stuck in the grass we dug up outside and plopped into plastic bowls. Simple, but fun and effective!

Parachutes and dead animals

I've been really busy the past couple weekends working on a project for a friend's uncle. Uncle Ron is a retired 82nd Airborne Army paratrooper, and when he decided that he wanted a bar and brewery at his hobby farm, his family rallied to get it done while he was in Arizona for the winter. He's returning this weekend, and I still have a lot of work to do!

I was asked, first and foremost, to hang a parachute in the barrel ceiling above the bar, making it look as though a cutout picture of the young Ron is landing in for a drink. It doesn't sound difficult, but it really is a perplexing task. We originally had a 6-foot fighter jet ejection parachute to work with, but it was just way too small to give the wow factor we were looking for. I had my friend's dad, Ron's brother, order a 25-footer that was actually used in the 82nd Airborne- it's easier to make something smaller than it is to make it bigger!

I cut out a section of the parachute (which was very nerve…

Green is... more than just green.

I love this potting bench project. It pretty much represents who I aspire to be in an ecological sense. It's green in many ways, not just in color. Here's my progress so far: second coat of paint and some hardware added. I still have to add the swinging doors on the front and the pegboard backing, but that will happen soon.

Recycling is very important to me. I am legitimately fearful for the future of our beautiful planet. Our society is so wasteful, despite the "go green" movement. While the movement may have inspired some intellectual individuals to think more about how they can live their lives in a more planet-friendly way, much of the population just can't see past their own greed and satisfaction and therefore doesn't care about recycling, reusing, or reducing their consumption of wasteful products. It blows my mind that some huge cities (namely Albuquerque, NM, last time I was there) don't even offer a recycling program. How is that even legal? Of …