Baby Shower Success!

So after all this hullabaloo about the baby shower, it finally happened! It turned out great and I was so excited by everyone's participation in my little part... the advice cards!

I had seen some cards on Pinterest that had a list of "baby wishes", but they were kind of boring. I decided to turn them into onesies so they could be hung on a clothesline (and look super cute). A few of the "wishes" include: I hope you love _______ , I hope you respect ________, I hope you're not afraid to __________, I hope you grow to be _________, and so on. I added three little buttons near the bottom of the onesies for a bit of detail and more cuteness.

I also cut out little diapers for Mommy & Daddy advice. I glued little plastic safety pins to them near where they would go on a real diaper.

Each place setting got one of each advice card (and custom M&M's with pictures on them!), and guests were asked to fill them out and hang them on the clothesline with colorful clothespins (the ones I dyed a few weeks ago). I was thrilled at how many guests took the time to give these two great soon-to-be parents some really useful (and cute!) advice- we could have used a longer clothesline!

Gotta love it when stuff goes over well. Oh, and the pee pee tee pees were hilarious. :)


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