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Crocheted Rocks in the North Woods

I've been seeing a trend on Pinterest lately of crocheted rocks. I think it's kind of funny, but I do like it! It also reminds me of my knitted rock sock that I made and photographed in 2012... :).

I like the idea of imitating nature in crocheted patterns, and that's what I attempted to to this past weekend. My husband and I took a trip up to his family cabin in Wisconsin's north woods, and I was inspired by the many colors and textures in the surrounding forest, specifically little things like mossy green lichens, purple wildflowers (weeds?) and the papery-textured, whitish-grey bark of the birch trees. Somehow, I had managed to bring along crochet thread in the exact colors of these things... it must have been fate! I really just picked them out at the store because they looked pretty together; nature must think so too.

Here is me crocheting the "lichen rock" in front of the campfire. So relaxing!

And here are my final products...

I love being able to make…