Crocheted Rocks in the North Woods

I've been seeing a trend on Pinterest lately of crocheted rocks. I think it's kind of funny, but I do like it! It also reminds me of my knitted rock sock that I made and photographed in 2012... :).

I like the idea of imitating nature in crocheted patterns, and that's what I attempted to to this past weekend. My husband and I took a trip up to his family cabin in Wisconsin's north woods, and I was inspired by the many colors and textures in the surrounding forest, specifically little things like mossy green lichens, purple wildflowers (weeds?) and the papery-textured, whitish-grey bark of the birch trees. Somehow, I had managed to bring along crochet thread in the exact colors of these things... it must have been fate! I really just picked them out at the store because they looked pretty together; nature must think so too.

Here is me crocheting the "lichen rock" in front of the campfire. So relaxing!

And here are my final products...

I love being able to make some finished photos once in a while! Now I can restock my collection at the restaurant I sell framed prints at... the current prints have been there for a while and it's definitely time for a change. I'm just mad that Hobby Lobby upped the price of my frames by $10 a piece! If they're going to up the price, they should up the quality too... garbage! Maybe it's time to find a new source.

Does anyone else find it so cool how the color of the light outside changes from season to season, hour to hour? It's one of those things that's easy to miss- so many of us go through life day to day without ever stopping to notice the world around us. Getting away from the daily grind and out into the middle of nowhere really opens the eyes to such nuances... which is why I love vacation!


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