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Game Day Ottoman Tray- UPCYCLE!

I was wandering my local ReStore one day and came across a huge pile of beautiful unused cabinet doors. The idea immediately struck me that the shallow indent in the middle would make a great place for a resin inlay of some sort, and eventually the idea formed in my head to make serving trays with a sports theme!

This idea came at a really great time, too. I was hosting a little craft get-together with some friends a few days later, and the theme was, of course, the Packers! I had gotten beads to make jewelry, flowers to glue on flip flops, cut up some t-shirts for loop scarves and got white tees for tie dye... needless to say, we only got through a couple crafts- the food was good and the company was great, so we spent most of our time gabbing, drinking and eating.

I purchased a total of 6 cabinet doors in different shapes and colors. I also picked up Packers bumper stickers and auto emblems, glitter tape and loose glitter, rhinestones, spray paint, drawer handles (for carrying the t…

Wire Bird Nest Jewelry

I saw these cute wire bird nests on Pinterest... so simple! I decided to try it out, and after several attempts, I churned out a necklace and earring set for a friend. They are so quick to make, I probably could have made dozens!

At first, I was trying to use natural pearls. However, the holes are so tiny that I needed 24 gauge wire to thread through them, and it didn't hold its shape well enough to create the nest. I also tried mixing two gauges of wire together to tie in the natural pearls, but it just didn't look right.

I ended up buying some turquoise glass pearls from Hobby Lobby that have bigger holes, and the nests turned out great! I also added a sterling silver bird to the necklace. I bought them from my favorite beading supply website:

I was messing around with a bit bigger copper wire and some volcanic beads too... not sure what kind of bird laid these eggs! Maybe a dinosaur...

Here is the original post I read to figure out how to make these: h…