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Measuring Up...

My niece and nephews are growing so fast!

And I'm really, really behind on blogging. Oh well.

I mentioned way back at Thanksgiving how I was so excited about the kids' Christmas gifts... which got done in time, but I just haven't had a chance to write about them! I still love how they turned out, so I'll take this opportunity to share them with you now. They're appropriate for the Back to School season as well, so umm... awesome! 

Giant height rulers!

What's more iconic to starting a new school year than buying school supplies? Or maybe you remember starting each new school year by making a mark in your door frame to show how much you grew over summer...

This project combines both of those back-to-school memories into a cute, colorful keepsake.

Ok, so the idea for this is not originally mine, but I put a fun twist on them that makes them unique and fitting for each kiddo. Here are a few examples that I found on Pinterest before I started working on them.


The Keezer Project

Alright. This is a bit of a departure from what I normally write about, but I had this grand scheme to convert an old freezer into a "keezer", also known as a kegerator, for the hubby for our anniversary this month (like he needs to drink more beer...).

I quickly realized that I would need some technical help. I found several good instructional tutorials online to accomplish this task, but the electrical components had me questioning if I could actually do this by myself. I contacted an engineer friend, who's also a home brewer, and he basically wrote me a novel on what I should look for and what I needed.

Then he said, "Well, if he's anything like me, he'll want to get in there and see how it all works."

That's when I realized it wouldn't be fair of me not to include my service technician (i.e. nerd) husband in the conversion of his own new toy. So I spilled the beans.

I located a small upright freezer on Craigslist; I went for upright instead …