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What now?!?!

I kinda like this game!

Here's another one for you... what on Earth could I be doing with three old sweaters from Goodwill? This one's probably a little easier than the last one... but I think you may still be surprised!

My trainer/friend stumbled upon an Etsy store selling cute recycled legwarmers made out of sweaters. She LOVED them, and I had to talk her down several times from clicking the buy button... they're so simple! No need to spend $35 on something I could make for a fraction of the cost!

I bought three sweaters from Goodwill in colors that looked cute together. I made sure the knits weren't too dense or too itchy... they're all different textures, but have a similar thickness. 
I then cut off the sleeves (Presto! They're already tube shaped!) and planned how much of each color I would need to make a 30" long tube (Jamie likes them thigh-high), and measured out the widths of each sleeve, figuring out which part of the leg they'd work best on…