What now?!?!

I kinda like this game!

Here's another one for you... what on Earth could I be doing with three old sweaters from Goodwill? This one's probably a little easier than the last one... but I think you may still be surprised!

My trainer/friend stumbled upon an Etsy store selling cute recycled legwarmers made out of sweaters. She LOVED them, and I had to talk her down several times from clicking the buy button... they're so simple! No need to spend $35 on something I could make for a fraction of the cost!

From Etsy: KimberlyXDesign, thanks for the idea! These are adorable.

I bought three sweaters from Goodwill in colors that looked cute together. I made sure the knits weren't too dense or too itchy... they're all different textures, but have a similar thickness. 

I then cut off the sleeves (Presto! They're already tube shaped!) and planned how much of each color I would need to make a 30" long tube (Jamie likes them thigh-high), and measured out the widths of each sleeve, figuring out which part of the leg they'd work best on. 

Cut and organized by size.
My largest sweater, the black one, was a generous size large. The sleeve itself probably would have made an excellent leg warmer for me, but I don't have trainer legs. :) I had to "shrink" one section by taking in the seam a bit. I then cut the ribbing off the bottom edge of the sweater and created a tube for the top of the thigh (knit materials like to unravel if not finished... so I wanted to use a finished edge for this piece and the foot hole). 

I then pinned the pieces together in order and stitched them up, first on the regular sewing machine and then on the serger/interlock machine. Normally, I think you'd get away with just serging the edges, but my machine is moody and doesn't like to make nice, tight, permanent stitches that don't pull apart, so I stitched them first (kind of a pain). Because knit material is stretchy, the serging makes a kind of ripply, wavy seam. This goes away once they're on the legs. 

Ta da! Super cute legwarmers for a super cute Yogi. :) Follow her on Instagram for some really inspirational stuff! 


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