2020's IT Fashion Accessory...

I wish I were joking.

This pandemic has really given face coverings some leverage. Paris, New York, London... face masks have adorned lovely model faces at major fashion shows since early February.

Ok, so mine aren't quite that fancy. But they're effective, and I've gotten a lot of comments on how well they fit and how cute they are in comparison to the standard medical face mask.

I can't claim ownership to this particular method of constructing these masks; I followed the video tutorial recommended by the Wisconsin Face Mask Warriors, an organization collecting donations to provide masks to healthcare workers across the state. There were a few instructions I thought were lacking, so I'm going to go ahead and give you a written tutorial with descriptive pictures of my slight modifications to the video's process. After about 130 of these things, I don't think I'll ever forget how to make them!

1. Cut your fabric.  You'll need a 7.5 by 15 inch rectang…

Skipping April... May is for Mom

Like most of the world right now, I am hibernating at home until the end of April.

While I am actually thriving creatively during lock-in, I'm missing my family... even though we don't get together that much normally. This got me thinking about what we're going to do to come May, when we'll *hopefully* be able to be go back to normal. Mother's Day is a good thing to look forward to! I've got some work to do to top last year's celebration!

My mom is pretty cool. She always encouraged me to be creative as a kid, and I always thought she was Wonder Woman because she could do anything. Lately she's been pretty sad and lonely though, working too much and living alone after her little dog Schoodles passed away in late 2018.

I wanted to do something special for Mother's Day last year, so I called my brother in Milwaukee and planned to have us all stay at his house for the weekend. I'm in Green Bay and Mom is in Kaukauna, so it's not often that we&#…