"Tres Chic" Baby Quilt

I'm so excited about how this disappearing nine patch quilt turned out!

You may recall I started this one a while back... and I finally had an open weekend to visit my mother-in-law's sit-down long arm! I had a really productive Friday evening and got a whole bunch of stuff prepped and ready to finish, including sandwiching this pretty little quilt.

Figuring out HOW to quilt it was a bit of a challenge... there really isn't a focal point to the quilt with it being all repeating blocks, so all-over pattern was the way to go, but I still wanted to use the lines of the blocks as a guide. I tried to hint on butterflies a little bit, so I used wingy, petal shapes in the larger squares. I went for a denser wishbone filler for the colorful narrower areas, and it kind of makes me think of how butterflies fly around all loopy-swoopy.

I was kind of really nervous at first. I've only used this machine once before (to quilt my blue-ribbon snowflake quilt) and I had wine that time.…

Cotton Cuts Mystery Puzzle BOM; the conclusion

Well, the final month has arrived, and I am almost done with my 10-month Mystery Puzzle Quilt journey! Feel free to hop back in time to my first post about this...

I've really enjoyed the process of doing this Block of the Month thing. Each month, around the 5th or so, I received a cute pink package in the mail containing pre-cut fabric pieces and instructions to assemble a few blocks. I had chosen my color way (i.e. picked one that included lime green, duh) in February for the Cotton Cuts Spring Mystery Puzzle Quilt without knowing what the finished product would look like. I guess that's the "mystery" part.

That scared me a bit! I'm pretty particular about my quilting style. I tend to lean towards more modern designs... and for $17.50 a month for the small quilt, this was kind of a risk for me. If you think about it, that's $175 over the course of the 10 months. Yikes! I've never spent that much on a  quilt top in my life! Well... I suppose now I have…

Hipster Hound's Travel Kit

OK... so originally, I was going to call this the Pucci Gucci, but now that it's done that name doesn't fit. It looks more like it belongs to a cool hipster boy dog from Portland. At least I think so.

If you've been following the progress of my Repurpose for a Reason project, you'd recall that I picked up this old suitcase from the ReStore for a buck fifty, along with a couple rolls of upholstery fabric for a grand total of $16.50. I didn't technically buy them though, because I agreed to "flip" this stuff to raise money at an auction for Habitat for Humanity.

And here's the finished product!

The old vinyl (NOT leather, as I think I stated in an earlier post) was shined up and cleaned with car interior detailer and a microfiber cloth, giving it a nice shine while preserving the character that has accumulated over the suitcase's life. I made a wrap for the handle out of the patterned vinyl and secured it with gold snaps. I also added vinyl details …

Repurpose for a Reason: more progress...

It's coming together!

I'm really excited about how the cushion cover turned out... and I have to say I've impressed myself. It looks pretty darn professional. And my product tester is happy. :)

I started by cutting the top and bottom fabrics to size. This particular suitcase is about 18.5" x 28.5", so I cut my rectangles to that size, plus an inch for my half-inch seam allowances.

The top of the bed is the only piece I cut out of the green pixel fabric. It's softer and cozier than the brown vinyl, but I really wanted to get a bit of the cute pattern onto the top surface, since the majority of the bed will be hidden within the suitcase. I decided to add some decorative corners- it looks adorable, and it makes the corners more durable in case Mr. Pooch likes to dig a little. Howie seems to like to stuff his nose in the corners (must smell interesting?), so I can imagine some digging might happen.

To add the decorative corners, I cut two 7" squares out of …