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Time sure flies

I can't believe my nephew is turning one at the end of the month already! It feels like just yesterday that I was creating baby shower invites and decorations. How does that happen?!?

Anyways... I was asked to make his birthday party invites yesterday, and I absolutely love what I came up with. They wanted to go with a baseball theme for their little slugger, so I created invites that look just like a ticket for a Brewers' baseball game! It's not the most original idea (Pinterest is riddled with similar concepts), but I think my design is the best one so far!

I had a really hard time finding a current Brewer's ticket, so I found an image of one that seemed modern and cool. I know they change all the time and some people don't end up getting the pretty tickets anyways, so I figured it was obvious enough what it was. Here's my source image:

I wasn't exactly sure what size tickets generally are, so when I was searching Google to find out, I came across a cool …

Lil' Box of Sunshine...

I have a dear friend who's been going through a pretty rough patch lately... and she's so amazing she deserves to be happier than a pig in mud (in the sun)!

She's a photography professor, and I'm lucky enough to volunteer my time to help run the darkroom on weekends. This past weekend, I left her a trail of cute little chenille chicks leading to a box of sunshine! I've seen the idea of a Box of Sunshine on Pinterest several times, but I felt like I needed to do something spectacular (and adorable) to really cheer her up.

I started with a handy natural-colored canvas zipper box from JoAnn's, then covered the lid in some bright yellow fabric that I embroidered with a heart-shaped sun. I then painted a wood letter and glued it to the top, along with a fun pink button. I think it added just enough cuteness!

I filled the box with all kinds of yellow things; an owl coffee mug filled with little plastic horses and sunflowers, some lemon tea, yellow jelly beans, an el…