Lil' Box of Sunshine...

I have a dear friend who's been going through a pretty rough patch lately... and she's so amazing she deserves to be happier than a pig in mud (in the sun)!

She's a photography professor, and I'm lucky enough to volunteer my time to help run the darkroom on weekends. This past weekend, I left her a trail of cute little chenille chicks leading to a box of sunshine! I've seen the idea of a Box of Sunshine on Pinterest several times, but I felt like I needed to do something spectacular (and adorable) to really cheer her up.

I started with a handy natural-colored canvas zipper box from JoAnn's, then covered the lid in some bright yellow fabric that I embroidered with a heart-shaped sun. I then painted a wood letter and glued it to the top, along with a fun pink button. I think it added just enough cuteness!

I filled the box with all kinds of yellow things; an owl coffee mug filled with little plastic horses and sunflowers, some lemon tea, yellow jelly beans, an electronic bubble wrap key chain (for stressful moments), a yellow candle, a hand-made yellow pearl bracelet, a pair of yellow sunglasses with an attached mustache, 15 hand-made buttons with random yellow items on them (it's dangerous that we just got a new button maker at work), and a whole bunch of yellow-wrapped candy.

Then for the installation... I picked up a whole bunch of different yellow paint cards at the hardware store and used them for little notes and clues, along with some fuzzy little chenille chicks and ribbon. One was placed on my friend's office door, the next on the door to the digital print lab, the third on the door knob to the chemical mixing room, and the final chick sits on top of the box. I also punched out dozens of hearts from the remaining paint cards and sprinkled them all over. To finish it off, I hung a string of hand-made yellow pennants on rick-rack behind the box.

I'm pretty sure that she'll guess who did it... but just in case, I left one last note telling her to turn over the cut out hearts and unscramble the letters to find out who left her such a fun, sunny surprise! I can't wait for her to find it!!!


  1. WHITNEY-you are awesome! So kind and thoughtful, that was a really great idea and I am sure you completely brightened her day!

  2. :) I hope so! And for the record... she knew it was me! Ha ha! Thanks, Michelle!


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