Time sure flies

I can't believe my nephew is turning one at the end of the month already! It feels like just yesterday that I was creating baby shower invites and decorations. How does that happen?!?

Anyways... I was asked to make his birthday party invites yesterday, and I absolutely love what I came up with. They wanted to go with a baseball theme for their little slugger, so I created invites that look just like a ticket for a Brewers' baseball game! It's not the most original idea (Pinterest is riddled with similar concepts), but I think my design is the best one so far!

I had a really hard time finding a current Brewer's ticket, so I found an image of one that seemed modern and cool. I know they change all the time and some people don't end up getting the pretty tickets anyways, so I figured it was obvious enough what it was. Here's my source image:

I wasn't exactly sure what size tickets generally are, so when I was searching Google to find out, I came across a cool gift idea for the little guy too! The Brewers website has ticket archive binders for sale- they're basically like photo albums for tickets. I know Jackson's mommy and daddy will be taking him to many games in his life, so I thought that would be neat. My brother also suggested one for Packers tickets, which I've found out don't really exist, but I came across a website where I can order blank archives. I may have to make him one!

The first ticket in his little book will be his first birthday invitation! Kind of funny how similar the dates are compared to the original ticket... maybe it was fate.

My favorite printing service offers a bookmark sized print which is 2 x 6", and that's pretty close to the 2.5 x 7.5" of an actual ticket. I'm not entirely sure what type of envelopes I'm going to put them in yet, but they should be here by this Friday and I'm really excited to see them!


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