Projects, projects, projects...

I have project ADD. I can't work on something for more than a week or two without switching to something else... which results in a lot of UFOs (unfinished objects). Currently, my list consists of about seven quilts and countless knit and crochet projects... and probably a whole bunch of stuff I've forgotten about.

This weekend I think I took two steps forward and one step back with my pile of UFOs.

I finally finished quilting the giraffe quilt! The walking foot for my sewing machine had broken a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to getting a new one. I woke up early on Saturday and plowed through the vertical top stitching, then stitched around the giraffe with a zig zag. I also added leaves to the top of the quilt, but my sewing machine had had enough by that point and was acting up, so I had to stop before I could get them appliqued down. I wish I would have thought about sewing the stuff on before I sandwiched the quilt together... it's such a pain to try to stuff that entire thing through my tiny machine!

I also finished up the potting bench. I ended up giving it a vintage shabby look, since I apparently left it in the garage too long for my husband's liking- running into anything with a lawnmower a few times will definitely start the distressing process. Oh well. I think it turned out really cute anyways! It's finally in the basement where it belongs, underneath the grow light.

My one step back came into play because I decided to start another project. Just a little one though- it's almost done already. It started off as a sample quilt to practice free-motion quilting on, but it kind of morphed into a cool modern quilt wall hanging. I decided to "give" it to my mom for Mother's Day... even though it wasn't done yet. She'll get it eventually. :)


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