Green is... more than just green.

I love this potting bench project. It pretty much represents who I aspire to be in an ecological sense. It's green in many ways, not just in color. Here's my progress so far: second coat of paint and some hardware added. I still have to add the swinging doors on the front and the pegboard backing, but that will happen soon.

Recycling is very important to me. I am legitimately fearful for the future of our beautiful planet. Our society is so wasteful, despite the "go green" movement. While the movement may have inspired some intellectual individuals to think more about how they can live their lives in a more planet-friendly way, much of the population just can't see past their own greed and satisfaction and therefore doesn't care about recycling, reusing, or reducing their consumption of wasteful products. It blows my mind that some huge cities (namely Albuquerque, NM, last time I was there) don't even offer a recycling program. How is that even legal? Of course, I'm not perfect either, but I make a conscious effort to recycle whenever possible. While my potting bench project isn't a ground-breaking example of recycling, it also ties into other facets of my green lifestyle.

For example, vegetables are best grown at home! Or locally, at least. It may take some extra effort to grow your veggies than it does to buy them in a grocery store, but they just taste so much better when you know that your hands were the only ones to touch them, they're chemical and pesticide free and of course, that you grew them... it's a labor of love and deliciousness! But when my own veggies fail (I'm still developing my green thumb), it's a bonus to know that the weekly farmers' market is just a few blocks up the road from our  house all through summer.

On the topic of veggies... lately my husband and I have been making an attempt to eat vegan. Sometimes it turns into vegetarian- after all, we are from Wisconsin and have eaten crazy amounts of cheese our whole lives (and love it!). But there are many good reasons for eating less meat and animal products, even if you don't eliminate it all together. I won't go into all the details here, but I highly recommend watching Forks Over Knives and Vegucated, two great documentaries on the benefits of living a vegan lifestyle. We also stumbled across the vegan cooking show Christina Cooks on PBS, and we absolutely love her recipes. Her story is  very inspiring- check it out on her website, Your health and the planet benefit from veganism, as do the animals!

We can all take steps to live greener, and each step gets us closer to helping the planet thrive for many more generations.

Thank you for reading my little PSA on my crafty blog. Ha ha... little bit of a tangent there.


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