Wow... it's been a while.

Holy cow. It's crazy how time gets away from you sometimes. It's literally been months since I posted anything here! It seems that it is now baby season again... this year more so than ever! I've got lots and lots of baby stuff to make this summer...

First off, my oldest stepbrother and his girlfriend are expecting their first baby boy in August. I've kind of taken the reigns on the baby shower, and we've decided on a frog theme! Love it!

I designed the invites last week and sent them off to the printer. It will take a couple weeks to get them in, so in the meantime I began a search for ribbons and the exact-shaped die cut frogs to stick on the invites... doh! I get these ideas in my head thinking that the pieces will be easy to find, but no. I searched all over and found nothing.

Because I'm kind of a perfectionist, I was determined to find a solution. I bought some shiny green paper from Hobby Lobby, thinking it would make excellent frogs. My first plan was to have our decal supplier at work cut them with their plotter, but the frogs were too detailed to work with their system. Then I remembered that we have a laser cutter at our R&D annex building... it's good to know some nerds! They smell a little crispy, but I now have 150+ shiny green frogs to play with!

I also plan to do centerpieces for the shower, starting with big green felt lily pads on the tables. The centerpieces are still up in the air at the moment, but I'm thinking about round fishbowls filled with glass marbles and a tall, thin cylinder vase inside with cattails and stuff sticking out. I'm on the fence though... I feel like they should be something that people can take home and actually use- perhaps a live plant or something instead- but I do want to stick with the swampy theme. I'll probably wander the craft stores this weekend in search of ideas.

Hmm... perhaps some simple mini water gardens? Eeesh... I'd have to hone my green thumb really quick to get this done!

Dear Pinterest: why are you so full of ideas? 
Of course, I'm also making a quilt for the little guy. It's going to be relatively simple, but I think it will turn out really cute. It's essentially a gradient of blues and greens in strips mixed in with solid grey pieces.

I'm trying to think quick and simple for these projects... my adorable hairstylist is also having a baby in August and naturally, this little one is going to get a quilt too! Originally, she and her husband had planned to wait until birth to know the baby's gender, but apparently curiosity got the best of them and they peeked anyways.

I don't know what the baby is yet, but the theme of their nursery is Dr. Suess and the Lorax! How clever! I'm planning to make a truffula trunk quilt... basically an abstract, colorful quilt with wavy lines. I'm also thinking a solid orange back with a big yellow mustache applique would be awesome! I volunteered my services to help with anything else she wanted to make as well... we shall see!

I just offered to help her today with her Nintendo-themed baby shower decor... Peach and Mario photo cut outs and a backdrop. Once again... work tools will come in handy (yay for large-format printers!).

Celebrate DePere is coming up at the end of May, and I guess that is where my hairstylist met her husband. She really wanted to do some maternity pictures there because it means a lot to them, but the girl she had lined up to take them couldn't make it that weekend. Well... I volunteered for that too! I'm so excited! I can just see the adorable pictures we'll get with her all cute in her floppy hat and sundress, holding pink or blue cotton candy in front of the Ferris wheel... she also mentioned something about doing a gender reveal with balloons: also uber cute.

I'm not a huge fan of balloon releases (the environment!!!), but cute. 
Lastly, but absolutely not least, my younger step brother and his wife are expecting their second baby in December (I think...). She's still got a few weeks until she finds out the gender, so I'm waiting on planning anything for this little one.

What an exciting year! I just hope it's nothing in the water... :)


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