The Cutest Packers Fan Ever

My grandpa turned 90 last weekend...


He's pretty much the coolest grandpa ever, and he's a huge (yet tiny) Packers fan- has been his whole life. He's a Shareholder, he's been to several Super Bowls, and even a Pro Bowl in Japan!

I gave him a "coupon" for a hand-made quilt for Christmas several years ago, and every time I see him he reminds me that he hasn't gotten his quilt yet. So I figured, what better time to make him a quilt than for his birthday? I knew exactly what I wanted to do... but the only problem was that I didn't realize we were having a surprise party for him until two weeks ago. I literally started the quilt with 6 days on the clock... 

And I actually made some amazing progress! It wasn't complete, but I was able to put a section of the finished quilt in a bag for him to open at the party!

He wasn't too happy about me taking it back home with me though... :) I promised I'd get the finished product to him within the next week or two, and I'd even help him put it on his bed! 

I'll go into more detail on how I designed and put the quilt together in my next post- I'm actually working on putting together my very first pattern booklet download! I'll also touch on how AMAZING my new (used) sewing machine is! 

90 is the new 60...


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