"Tres Chic" Baby Quilt

I'm so excited about how this disappearing nine patch quilt turned out!

You may recall I started this one a while back... and I finally had an open weekend to visit my mother-in-law's sit-down long arm! I had a really productive Friday evening and got a whole bunch of stuff prepped and ready to finish, including sandwiching this pretty little quilt.

Figuring out HOW to quilt it was a bit of a challenge... there really isn't a focal point to the quilt with it being all repeating blocks, so all-over pattern was the way to go, but I still wanted to use the lines of the blocks as a guide. I tried to hint on butterflies a little bit, so I used wingy, petal shapes in the larger squares. I went for a denser wishbone filler for the colorful narrower areas, and it kind of makes me think of how butterflies fly around all loopy-swoopy.

Doodle a dozen, quilt once!

I was kind of really nervous at first. I've only used this machine once before (to quilt my blue-ribbon snowflake quilt) and I had wine that time. Lol! Relaxing is definitely the key to successful quilting... after my second or third block I started cranking through them no problem. Except when the bobbin ran out and my thread broke a couple times... ugh.

Last time I had it right...

I set myself a time limit for this visit; I had until 3:00 to complete whatever I could because we still had to go grocery shopping. I'm happy to report that I completed the whole thing at 2:45! I started around quarter to noon (after getting the machine threaded up and practicing a bit), so it took me about three hours. I'll take it! I'm sure I will only get more efficient with time. Now, how do I convince her to let me keep her machine at my house.... ??? And where the heck would I put it?

It's finished!!! Well... the quilting at least.

And the cherry on top? Angela Walters (the legend herself!) thinks it's gorgeous. With three exclamation points! ANGELA. FREAKING. WALTERS! Lol... excuse me while I fan-girl a little bit and freak out. :)

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And now for a couple more finished product photos:

I love how the quilting disappears into the backing and creates subtle texture.

And how about that delicately hand-stitched binding? :)

I love the passport stamps and little "Paris, France" script on this pretty floral and butterfly print. Tres chic, oui?

Tried my "new" chair as a photo spot.

Can't forget the tote!

I'm so proud of this one. I think it's the closest to "perfect" I've ever come, and I feel like I've set a new bar for myself. It's a darn good thing these aren't my colors... I'd have a really hard time giving it away if it matched anything in my house!


  1. Love the quilt and your quilting❣️ I will be adding a bag to all my quilt gifts in the future,

    1. Thank you! :) I love making the tote bags! They're so simple, and it's such a fun way to use up scraps for something useful!


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