Evergreen Quilt Show 2018

I attended my first-ever quilt show last weekend, and I loved it!

Our local quilt guild, Evergreen, puts on a bi-annual show complete with lots of beautiful quilts, awards, and vendors from as far away as Upper Michigan.

While I know this show is very small in comparison to the great big ones like Quilt Festival in Houston and QuiltCon in Pasadena, I was really impressed with the level of skill that quilters in our area possess! I saw so many beautiful quilts that inspired me, and maybe next time the show rolls around I'll have something to enter myself. I'm also planning to look into not only the Evergreen Guild, but the textile arts group "Women Who Run with Scissors" as well. I could use some crafty, quilty friends.

Here are a few of my favorites from the show... although everything was really gorgeous! I'm especially impressed with some of the hand-quilted items. Holy moly- I don't have the patience for that.

These fabrics! They're the ones I gravitate to at My Favorite Quilt Shop!

Ha! See? ;)

Love the texture here

Beautiful star blocks.

I'd get along well with this "woman who runs with scissors"! :)

My hand-embroidered self portrait from textiles class in college... NOT in the quilt show.

Intriguing idea; individually printed squares from a photograph.

Ha! :) Enough said. So cute.

I've been thinking about feather patterns lately... here's an option.

Pretty pop of color! And great textural quilting!

Love this.

SO AMAZING! Love the off-centered circular quilting.

Beautifully-constructed mini quilt. Great colors.

Also gorgeous.

Yup. Pretty much everything was amazing. I really behaved myself though, and only spent $15 beyond my entry fee of $6. And $10 of that was for raffle tickets to support the guild.

I did, however, take home a mystery project from the Attic Treasures booth! This also supports the guild, as everything for sale was donated by members, and it contained everything from half-done projects to fabric scraps to notions to books and patterns. I found a big plastic zipper bag full of pastel fabric clamshell pieces... lots of them. This is the treasure I chose to take home for $5.

Keep checking back to see what I end up doing with it! I've never sewn clamshells before, so it might be a fun challenge. Wouldn't it be cool to enter it in the next Evergreen Quilt Show as a previous year's Attic Treasure find? It's so neat when things turn full circle. :)


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience from the Evergreen Quilt Show and your favorite quilt pictures. I wasn't able to be there so really loved seeing some of the fabulous creations. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your $5.00 find.

    1. It was really great and I'm so glad I went! :) I will see what happens with my attic treasure!!


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