It's football season... already??

Holy cow... where did summer go?!?! I can't believe the first official football game is only a week away, and Labor Day is next week too! Gotta love long weekends...

Here's a fun little project I did in anticipation for family football gatherings. A crocheted football blanket! I finished it up surprisingly quick- I think I worked on it at night after work for about two weeks. If you want my pattern chart and some basic instructions to make one, click here!

My dog Howie loves being in pictures for some reason.
 And he really likes rolling around on blankets. Wearing a jersey... not so much. 

How cool is this helmet?!?! Bart Starr, Brett Favre, AND Aaron Rodgers! My grandpa is good friends with the owner of Stadium View Bar & Grill, so he was able to borrow this beauty for me for a few days.

Aside from crocheting random stuff and setting up goofy photo shoots of said stuff, I've been so incredibly busy the last couple months!

We're slowly re-painting our front porch and stairs, which of course required lots of scraping and sanding off old paint. So far it looks really nice with a fresh coat of greyish-white. Hopefully it's dry enough outside this weekend to finish it up! Eventually we plan to paint the entire house, but we figured we'd start small where it really needed a face lift.

Last weekend I did my very first solo wedding photography job- and I think all went well, despite being very nervous! Weddings are one of those things you just can't re-do... so I really had to pay attention and not miss anything. From looking at my shot list, I'm relieved to see that I got almost every single shot I was hoping for. Whew! Now to find time to edit...

I also decided to volunteer for at our local community theater. It's only a few blocks away from our house and I can walk there- stopping for baked goods and coffee on the way! I'm officially the "assistant stage manager" for the current production, Beau Jest. This week, the stage manager is out of town, so I was trusted with the keys to the theater. I get to arrive early, unlock the doors, turn on all the lights and prepare the set for rehearsal... then stay until everyone leaves and close up shop, all week long! It's making for some late nights for me, but it's pretty fun and everyone is really nice.

Needless to say, aside from work, housework, cleaning and all my extracurricular activities, my crafting has been slightly diminished... but never gone completely! Every chance I get I pull out some yarn or my camera or some random object that I thought was cool, then make something!

Update: if you love this football blanket, check out my football quilt! It uses thrifted t-shirts and a cool pieced feature block- and you could make it any colors you wanted! 


  1. Would you share your pattern for this afghan? I would love to make this for my husband for Christmas.

    1. Sure! I didn't really work off of a pattern, but I can post my chart! It's mostly just rows of color, and the laces pattern was made using a tapestry stitch, in which the yarn color not being used is carried along and covered up with the main color. I'll post the chart soon! Thanks for reading! :)

    2. Did you carry the white through the whole blanket?

    3. Hi Rowboat... I didn't get a notification of your post! Sorry for the delay! No, the white yarn stops and starts at the white sections. Check out my other post for a more detailed description of how it's made. The only area in which two strands of yarn were used at once is the laces in the center. :)

  2. Would u be interested in making a football blanket?

  3. The football crochet blanket is so cute. Thanks for your graph. I am making one right now. I was reading your pattern, etc. Am I understanding correctly that you used DC for the brown, but used SC for the white? The tutorial said that the technique used to carry the white was done in SC, and I am wondering how you do that while using DC for the brown? Thanks in advance.


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