Craft Fever!

So, I whipped up some fun little baby boy gifts for a good friend's baby shower last weekend, and now I've got craft fever! It's been so long since I had the free time to do little projects (wedding planning takes a lot of effort), that I've forgotten how satisfying finishing a project and seeing it bring joy to the lives of others really is!

Here are some photos of the cute gifts I made for my soon-to-be-new-mommy friend and her baby boy:

First is a changing mat. Not really necessary, but cute none the less! I love how the "subway tile" pattern turned out, and it only took me about an hour to make, start to finish! I really just made it because I had leftover fabric from this next item... wait for it...

Pee pee tee pees! A must for new parents who may not be the quickest at changing little boys' diapers... I've heard they like to become little fire hoses! These adorable soft fabric cones are placed over the... well, you know... to stop a fountain from shooting the parent in the face! Best part is, they're washable! And they're really simple to make!

Last but not least, a customized picture frame complete with racing stripes! This was a really fun and meaningful project for me... I had purchased a bunch of large frames from a thrift store (seriously, like 6 of them for barely $11) and painted them to use as props for the photo booth at my wedding. I don't have a use for all of them, so I figured I would re-purpose one! After all, Baby Owen was in my wedding too... kind of. :)

I can't wait to start on the next projects! I've been working on a crocheted blankie for him too... I'll post pictures when it's done! 


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