Honeycomb Quilt for my Honey

I'm hooked on quilting now...

I bought this book along with the others I got last month, and I'm in love with the honeycomb quilt on the front cover (and several others inside). I decided to make one in shades of blue for my husband.

I bought the fabrics a week or two ago (before I started the baby quilt in the previous post) but I was waiting on a larger cutting mat and acrylic ruler to arrive so I didn't start cutting right away. When my tools came, the first thing I did was freak out about a baby shower gift, so I did that first. But as soon as the binding was sewn on to the pink and green crib quilt, I switched back into cutting mode. This one has lots of pieces... and I mean LOTS. Big jump from the simple basket weave of the last one, but I'm excited to take on the challenge!

I've been trying to stay organized... I stuck the pieces for the quilt back detail up on a bulletin board so I have a quick reference for which solid goes with which print.

I've still got more cutting to do, then some sewing, and then more cutting... stay tuned!


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