Crafting with the Kiddos

I can't believe I forgot to post about this!

This past Easter (umm... 6 months ago?), I brought a really fun and simple craft project along to our family gathering to do with my niece and nephews... bunny paintings!

I bought a four-pack of 8x10 canvases at a craft store and pulled out some craft paint I'd had hanging around for a while. I painted each of the canvases a nice pastel background color; pink, green, blue and yellow. Then, I stuck some removable bunny-shaped stickers that I printed out at work to the center of the canvases and they were ready to go.

Jackson got to pick his canvas first, since he's the oldest (and likely had the only opinion of the three), and he chose the blue one. I also had him pick a few paint colors and squeezed a bit onto a paper plate for him. I had cut up a few dish sponges to make paint dabbers, and he got to work painting away!
Jackson picks his paint colors.

It was kind of funny how terrified he was of getting dirty... but he loaded up his canvas with lots of colorful paint. Then we let it dry while I helped his sister and cousin with their paintings.

Scarlett got the pink canvas (naturally), and she did a wonderful job smearing the sponge around! We helped her fill in around the bunny sticker a little bit, but we were sure to save the parts she did on her own. :)

Liam also had fun with the paint- although I think he really just wanted to eat the sponge. Ha ha. He got the green canvas, and his mommy and grandma helped him dab lots of pretty colors all around.

I also decorated a canvas... just for fun. I figured that since I had four canvases I might as well.

While the paint was drying, I made four yarn pompoms out of white cotton yarn. I've seen all sorts of tutorials and tools to make these... but I just wrap a bunch of yarn around the three middle fingers on my left hand, tie another piece tightly around the middle, cut the loops and fluff it up. No special doo-dads required. I'm sure you've guessed by now what the pompoms are for... but if not, be prepared to be amazed! Ha ha... maybe.

Once the paint on the canvases was dry, I rounded up Jackson (the babies were sleeping) and had him help me reveal the bunnies! We peeled the stickers off and ta-da! Bunny silhouettes! Jackson also assigned pompoms to each bunny... and helped me glue them on as cute little cotton tails.

This was such a fun and simple craft for the kids... they didn't need tons of skill or patience, and it was done within a few minutes. But the canvases and memories will last forever!


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