Adopt Me Vests- my Fall Good Deed

Several months ago, I joined the BAHS Pack Runners program, which allows me to go to the shelter, "check out" a pooch, and take him or her for a run. It's awesome! Not only does the exercise help me, but it lets the dog burn off some energy, reduce stress from being in the shelter environment, and helps him be well-behaved when he meets potential adopters.

Tatelyn- AKA: Tater. ADOPTED!

We seem to have a shortage of Adopt Me vests though... we like to have the dogs wear these when they're out and about to get exposure for the dog, the shelter, and the program. I decided that my skills could be put to good use by making a bunch of new vests!


I designed a pattern based on this tutorial, but decided to change up the construction quite a bit. I basically just followed the basic vest measurements listed here, making a large, medium, small and extra-small sized pattern. Check!

Then I did a quick layout in Illustrator to see how much fabric I'd need. I planned to make the vests double-thickness with the fabric (instead of a single layer edged with bias tape like the original tut), so I laid out the pieces in pairs. Looks like two yards (at 60" width) will make one large, two mediums, two smalls and two x-smalls. I ended up ordering a total of 12 yards of fabric- eight in lime green (imagine that!) at $4 per yard and four yards in turquoise ($3 per yard). I chose bright colors so they're extra visible.

I also ordered a bunch of buckles, slides, a roll of belting and a bolt of fusible interfacing on

These vests get washed A LOT. I wanted to be sure that the Adopt Me text on the sides was durable and bright and professional looking, so I called around and found a screen printer who was not only willing to print on unfinished, client-supplied materials, but also give me a great deal at $1.50 per print. That's only $3 per vest (Except the little one... only one print fits on the extra-small size). I'm so grateful to Down Home for helping me with this project! I designed the print myself, and I can't wait to see how cute it looks!

I originally wanted to make 55+ vests (I had five area shelters on my list), but my budget constraints backed me off to about 35. My work generously donated $250 for me to do this project, and I'm picking up any extra cost personally. It's for the doggies! And totally worth it. :)

Now I'm patiently waiting for the fabric to arrive... I ordered it online for the good prices. I'll be sure to update as soon as I start cutting out the vests!


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