Mystery Project (a gift from younger me)

As I was digging through my craft room to find... something... the other day, I came across a pretty little stack of bright batik squares, all pinned together with black strips. I have no idea what me-of-the-past was planning to do with them, but I figured I'd start with what was already done.

I ended up with seven cute, bright and contrasty window-pane blocks. Nice fabric selection, young Whitney! But that's where past me stopped on the hints. It was now up to present me to figure out where to go from there...

I decided to go with a small table runner and four square place mats. I don't really make stuff for myself ever, so this is kind of nice. Perhaps some of my inspiration came from the fact that I was sewing in my "formal crafting room", which features fuchsia purple walls and a big square table. They just seemed to compliment each other nicely.

Since I only had a few little strips of black fabric pinned in with my bunch of squares (and no idea where the rest of it was...), I ended up running to JoAnn's for a bit more, plus some backing fabric. I chose Kona cotton for the black (it's a slightly rougher weave, which seemed to match the little strips) and a pretty purple polka-dot batik for the backing, which I absolutely love. Bonus: it too matches my dining room, so my table runner and place mats will be double-sided!

Once pieced together, my place mats came out to 15x15", and the runner was 15x40". I cut a strip off of a roll of synthetic batting I've had rolling around forever- someone gave it to me; I generally only buy the cotton stuff- and sandwiched those suckers together with the cute polka dot batik on the back.

I'm thinking about quilting the black areas with the walking foot, and then finally trying out free motion quilting in the little batik squares! I'm a kind of nervous though... I'll have to practice a bit first.

There are also a bunch of batik squares left over! It must have been a pack of 40 or something... so I'm going to attempt some half square triangle blocks. I've been wanting to create a framed quilt for a while now, or maybe even a stretched canvas quilt, and this seems like the perfect opportunity!

Oooh... wouldn't this be great in batik and black?

Anyone else have a zillion UFO's laying around from their past? It feels really good to finally get one of them back in production again, even if I have no recollection of what the original plan was. :)


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