Jelly Roll Fun

The pre-cut obsession continues... with jelly rolls this time.

I've got another baby shower to attend in August, and they're waiting to find out the baby's gender until it's born. I think that's a super fun idea, but it makes it hard to shop! I decided I wanted to try out this Jelly Roll Jam quilt pattern by Fat Quarter Shop on YouTube, since it looks so quick and simple.

Then I had to find a gender-neutral jelly roll! I chose a Kaffe Fassett Collective "Tides" roll by Rowan Fabrics (and I think I got the very last one! It's "sold out forever").  I think purple, green and blue can work for either boys or girls... although I'm guessing that it's a girl. I also got a yard of some coordinating Kaffe Fassett "green circles" backing, which is 108" wide and SO SOFT! A yard is plenty... I plan to make the finished quilt 36x48"; a foot longer than the quilt in the video tutorial.

I ordered my supplies through the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I also bought a couple more charm packs that I didn't need, and ordered a "mystery jelly roll" on sale- because, why not? When I received my package in the mail, I was shocked and excited to see not two, but THREE jelly rolls inside! I'm still not sure if it was a mistake, or if they sent me an extra for funsies? The mystery item was circled twice on my packing list, and there was a hand-written note apologizing for the "wait" (I ordered on the 14th and everything arrived by the 22nd... no complaints there), as well as welcoming me to the MSQC family. Isn't that sweet? I'll definitely be ordering from them again!

Anyways... I opened up my Kaffe Fassett "Tides" jelly roll and soaked in all the beautiful prints and colors. I picked out the strips that looked the best together and arranged them into groups of six. I also set aside most of the cartoony floral prints, since it's supposed to be relatively gender-neutral and I didn't feel they really went that well with the rest of the designs.

Next up is to sew all the strips together, press the seams and cut them into 6.5" pieces, and then sew them together again into 12.5" squares!

I can't wait to see how this turns out... and you don't have to! Here's the rest of the process:

All the strips have been sewn together. Don't they look lovely with my new purple rug!? :)

I then cut the strip pieces into 6.5" sections. Each strip made 6 pieces.

Two pieces from the same strip set were then sewn together, with one piece rotated 180 degrees. They don't look square, but it's an optical illusion. They are 12.5" square at this point. 

All the blocks have been sewn and pressed, and kept in stacks with like blocks.

The blocks have been laid out in the order shown, alternating vertical and horizontal piecing. I'm not convinced this has to be done so precisely, as it would probably look fantastic completely random, but I wanted to give the original pattern a shot. :) 

And it's done!

I'm going to try to bind this one with the backing fabric; I have enough to extend about an inch beyond the finished top, so I'll fold and press the edges in and stitch them down with the machine. At least that's the plan right now! The backing fabric is so beautiful... I just love it! It really does look like jelly rolls, now that I think of it!

Of course, because I hate wasting anything, I saved the little tiny leftovers from cutting the pieces out of the strip sets. I think they'll make a lovely detail on the tote bag! I know they say to toss the pieces that were in the creases of the jelly roll... but I just can't bring myself to do it. Pressing and quilting will help hide those "permanent" lines. Waste not, want not!


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