Solving the Mystery

I have to admit... I was a major doofus with planning how this mystery quilt would come together. I mean, obviously, all quilts need backings... and I knew the size of the quilt and the fabric line that the colorway used, but it never occurred to me to think ahead to finishing this thing.

These colors were pretty much impossible to match to anything I could find in all the quilt shops in town. I hopped around to four separate stores in hopes of finding something... anything that would make a cute, bright backing for this guy.

I started at Quilting Divas. I thought maybe the purpley and orangey ones would work to compliment the odd-colored dots in little pieces of the quilt top, but it just seemed like too much. I couldn't find the right lime green either, and the greys all seemed too cool, too warm, too dark, or too light to match right. Sad face.

I finally ended up finding a grey that matched pretty well at Silver Thimble (I had never been there before, but I like their modern style!). I chose this diagonal dotted stripe from Cotton & Steel. 

But it was really expensive, so I only wanted to buy what I absolutely needed to. I got two yards, which ended up being a tad too skinny for the whole quilt back. I had to get creative... 

Luckily for me, I was able to find a charm pack of the Moda Hey Dot line on clearance on Etsy. I took out all the colors that I felt didn't go with the quilt top and played around with them until I got a color order that I liked with enough pieces to span the length of the quilt back. 


You can read about my long-arm quilting experience in a previous post!

 Overall, I think this little quilt turned out great! It was undoubtedly the most expensive quilt I've ever made, but it was a fun learning experience and it's something different than what I normally do.

And to make things even sweeter... Howie loves it too. :)


  1. Worth the extra effort. Love the backing fabric and you creativity with the charm pack to make it fit.

    1. Thanks Tina! :) It's the first quilt I've ever made that I actually kept for myself... it seems so weird, I'm not sure where to keep it! ha ha!


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