Crocheted Baby Blanket

So, here are the baby blanket photos I promised months ago... finally! This thing took me nine months to finish- the same time it takes to actually make a baby!

Overall, I think it turned out great. I love the pattern and the colors, and it was really simple to do. Using a bigger hook would have made it go much faster, especially in the double crochet stitch I used.

I purchased the yarn online from KnitPicks; it's CotLin, a cotton/linen blend that's really soft and easy to work with. I ended up using a lot more than I expected- I didn't really keep track, but I must have used at least 4 balls of the lime green (which isn't available anymore- glad I ordered more when I did!), maybe 7 of the surf blue, and 11 of the coffee brown.

Basically, I started with a double-crocheted square about 8 inches by 8 inches. After the square was finished, I picked up stitches all the way around it and began DC in the round. I did two DC rows of each color to transition into the next solid block, and just repeated that pattern until it looked done. I did 5 DC stitches in each corner to keep it square.

I did have a little bit of yarn left over in each color when I was done with the blanket, so I decided to make a matching hat. This seemed to go so quickly compared to the blankie! I finished it in a few hours on a Saturday afternoon...

Basically, I made a chain about 16 inches long (the circumference of a baby's head, I suppose) and connected it to crochet in the round. I used the same DC stitch and stripe pattern as the blanket, except I only did one row of brown between the green and blue.

After the hat was about 3 inches long, I began decreasing every third stitch. I continued this until the very end, which created a cute little peak on the top! The hat did end up a little bit big, but I'm told that Owen has a big noggin anyways! 


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