I wanted to create something quick, easy and cute for a craft sale I participated in last month... and who doesn't love flowers! I called them Yarnations- a combo of yarn and carnation. 

I had been exploring the concept described in this TED talk about hyperbolic crochet, and I thought the technique would work out well for flowers. It's a simple process; you simply SC twice into every third stitch, which creates exponential growth. 

The flowers are actually really simple to make. Here's the pattern:

You'll need a small amount of a floral-colored yarn, and an even smaller amount of a leafy green yarn. Gauge doesn't matter... use a smaller hook for smaller flowers and a larger hook for larger flowers. You'll also need a needle and some thread, as well as pin backs, hair pins, or whatever else you'd like to attach to the back to make the flowers wearable. 


Chain 16
Row 1: Skip first chain stitch, *SC, SC, 2 SC in third stitch. Repeat from * to end of chain.Turn work. 
Rows 2 through 8: Chain 1, *SC, SC, 2 SC in third stitch. Repeat from * to end of row, turning after each row. 
Tie off. 

Leaf (crocheted in the round)

Chain 2
Row 1: SC 6 times into second chain stitch. 
Row 2: 2 SC, SC-DC-SC in third stitch, 2 SC, SC-DC-SC into sixth stitch. This will cause an elliptical football shape to form. 
Rows 3 through 6: SC to DC stitch in previous round, SC-DC-SC in double crochet stitch, SC to next DC peak and SC-DC-SC in it.
Tie off on on a "peak".

After both pieces are finished, they can be stitched together with a needle and thread. Start with the flower; coil it up along the shorter edge and stitch each coil together. Add the leaf and stitch on the pin back or other finding. 

I'll post process pictures next time I make some up!


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