Holy giraffe... it's finally done!

I'd been kind of avoiding working on this giraffe quilt because I wasn't quite sure what to do with it to finish it off. Then I realized that sometimes enough is enough! Why couldn't it be done? And so it was...

Originally, I had wanted to free-motion quilt the spots onto the giraffe, but my machine doesn't work very good for free-motion quilting so I left it as a big ol' applique. I also played with the idea of adding a button for his eyeball, but it just looked weird. 

Declaring the quilt officially complete, I squared up the edges and sewed the binding on. I screwed it up with too big of a seam allowance (been a while?)... but it actually worked out pretty well as an "invisible" binding. The quilt front itself just kind of ends, and the cute detail of the binding around the back adds a little something to the simplicity of the pattern. 

I took a few pictures of the quilt (in the usual places) before washing it, but it seemed so stiff and lifeless. It's pretty obvious that it's been folded up for a while... lots of creases! Must have been the fusible batting... after it came out of the wash it was nice and soft. Time for new pictures! 

Yay! Now to drop in on the nephew to finally give him his second quilt...? Or maybe we'll wait until Christmas... it's been a year and a half, what's a couple more months? Ha ha...


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