A beautiful fall family session

I visited one of my favorite portrait spots again last weekend with my friends and their little girl to do her 9 month pictures. Fall is such a great time to do portraits, with all the pretty colors and the cute sweaters...

We've been doing portraits every three months or so, and it's amazing to see how much little Miss Livi changes every time I see her.

We started when she was five days old (well, technically we did maternity photos first)... and this was nerve-wracking for me! I have never spent much time with newborns... or even babies. I was amazed they trusted me so much to just move her around and what not (babies are so fragile!!!). She was born right before Christmas, so we took the opportunity to do some holiday-themed pictures.

I made this cute little elf hat the night before...

Then we did some three month photos. These were slightly awkward because she couldn't really sit up on her own yet. We have a lot of supporting arms in the photos and a bunch of "splat" baby photos from above. Ha ha...

Six month photos were fun... Livi's personality had started to come out, and she was a little lady in red with strands of pearls. She also donned a super baby onesie for some Father's Day shots (you may remember this couple from a few years back... I did their superhero-themed engagement photos too).

I think the most recent session was my favorite so far though. I can tell that I'm getting more comfortable with portraits (and babies), and they seem to turn out better and better each time.


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