A Doodle a Day- August, Part 2

I'm still just a little bit behind on my doodles, but I've been working away at them whenever I get a  couple of spare minutes. Last night I sketched a tube of lipstick while I sat on the couch watching Star Trek with my husband...

Here's a recap of the last week or so:

August 12: SCHOOL

August 13: WILD

I'm so in love with this pretty, magical zebra! She just makes me happy. :)

August 14: BAG

And why not put a cat in the bag? Apparently I like to draw animals the most.

August 15: KITCHEN

There's always some sort of vegetarian stuff cooking in my teal saute pan, so I figured what better to represent my kitchen than a pan of tofu?

August 16: PAPER

August 17: TOMATO

Mmm. I grew these little cherry tomatoes in my back yard, and boy are they tasty!

August 18: MAKEUP

This one was hard for me... I'm not a makeup kind of girl. Honestly, I think I chose to draw lipstick because of its simple shape, and I was tired so it looked like the easiest option. Also, I think neon pink lipstick would be pretty fun.

I think next time I do one of these doodle-a-day things (ummm... September?), I'm going to try to draw less from a reference image as I have been doing, and attempt to draw more from memory or creativity. I think using the image as a reference makes my brain want to go overboard and add in all the values and shadows, and I really just need to learn to relax and truly doodle. I used to do it all the time in school... perhaps my brain has forgotten how to not think so hard.

In fact, I took a break the other night and colored in an "adult" coloring book instead of drawing. I tend to overthink coloring pages as well, trying to create beautiful rainbow transitions and systematically coloring parts one by one, but at least the actual coloring is therapeutic and relatively chill. Unless I'm using colored pencil... then I give myself carpal tunnel by pressing those darn things down so hard to get even, vibrant color. OCD much?

Keep checking back for more! Or follow me on Instagram @whitneyfroelich to see my doodles as I finish them!


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