A Doodle a Day- August (so far)

Around the middle of July, as I was lying in bed attempting to journal or plan the next day's tasks or make goals... or whatever I was trying to do... words weren't coming to me. I looked over at Howie curled up in his big squishy dog bed and thought he looked so darn cute that I had to draw him.

I haven't drawn much since my one drawing class in college, aside from sketches of game ideas and cabinet designs (I'm a concept art director at an arcade game company). My Howie sketch in Shaprie pen on crappy lined paper turned out ok... but it inspired me to attempt to doodle or draw something every day for a month. Just for fun. I do love my Sharpie pens, so I decided to stick with mainly black and a tad bit of color thrown in for fun. I have a few colored Sharpie pens, as well as a pack of Stabilo fine-point markers.

Deciding what to draw has always been a challenge for me, so I found a little August Doodle a Day challenge on Instagram to join that lists a prompt for each day. I'm particularly excited for Day 26: DOG... hopefully I'll see some progress in my doggy doodling skills!

My late-night inspirational doodle of Howie.

August 1: CLIMB

The first word, climb, immediately made me want to draw some climbing flowers like morning glories. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get any to grow on our side gate trellis in the six years we've been in our house... I think the rabbits are to blame there. Instead, I drew one of the hop vines we have growing on our back fence! They had cute little baby hop cones starting to blossom at the time.

August 2: SANDWICH

Who doesn't love s'mores? It's a sandwich, right? I guess I could have also done a grilled cheese, or maybe a PB&J (yum), but I thought the s'more was interesting with its oozy charred marshmallow.

August 3: SLICE


August 5: RED

August 6: PAIR

I'd consider it a pair. I've actually probably worn these together at some point. #laundryprobs

August 7: LIGHT

I've been slightly obsessed with Frank Lloyd Wright designs lately. The only thing I could think of for "light" was a Taliesin lamp. I did not do it justice.

August 8: BOAT

August 9: BOOK

August 10: FLAME
August 11: BEE

I think the bee is one of my favorites so far! He's cute.

I'm officially a couple of days behind, but I'm determined to finish out the month! Follow me on Instagram @whitneyfroelich to see them as I finish them in real-time!


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