Engagement Photos!

A couple of weekends ago, I did some engagement photos for a friend and her new fiancé. I'm not normally a portrait kind of photographer, but I think we got some good ones of this cute pair!

We started off our photo hunt with a random piano I had seen in a field next to a friend's house. I later learned that this field is owned by a photographer... that would explain my weird urge to take pictures in it!

After playing with the piano, we hopped in the car and ended up at a lakeside park with lots of trees and rocky cliffs. After some goofing around on the playground, we captured this adorable moment by one of the Lord of the Rings-esque rock stairways. 

The pair stopped into a phone booth to transform themselves into a super-couple and we headed to another nearby park for some more fun. After a few attempts at flying off a park bench, we decided that simply looking to the sky was probably a safer option. This particular shot gave me the chance to play around with the image a bit.

Depth of field is fun to play with to emphasize different focal points of the image... here, I focused on the ring and placed the couple in the background. He sure picked a good one! Oh, and the ring is very pretty too. ;)

Of course the couple wanted to represent their home team (go Packers!), so after another quick change and a short drive, we ended up outside an abandoned factory. We were all pretty hungry and tired from the day, but the few shots we got have a cool, dramatic feel from the weathered brick and concrete of the old factory. 

Taking engagement photos is kind of exciting. You learn a lot about the couple by how they interact with each other, and it's pretty fun to let their personalities come out in the photos. I feel that every time I get an opportunity to do something like this, my images improve as I relax and take my time framing up the shots, and I benefit greatly from the positive energy of my models.


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