Upcycled Wall Sculpture

Several years ago, when I still lived with my parents, my mom ordered a funky table from a catalog. It was shipped in a box with a wide variety of large Styrofoam sheets and blocks. It seemed like such a waste to throw them away- we all know that Styrofoam doesn't break down and decompose in a landfill, and is thus not very good for the earth.

My mom and I decided to create a sculpture with them. We chose several different colors and patterns of fabric to wrap the blocks with, which was pretty much just like wrapping a gift. We glued and pinned the fabric in place with floral pins.

Once the blocks were wrapped, we laid them out in the configuration we wanted, then glued and pinned them together.

Of course, I was probably 12 or so when we made this, so the color scheme is quite bright and juvenile. We chose a lot of lime green to go with the awesome green shag carpet that was in my bedroom. This could be done in any color scheme to compliment any room...

The finished sculpture is about 8 feet wide and 5 feet tall. It's super light, so it's very easy to hang; just pound a couple nails into the wall and press the Styrofoam onto them.

This sculpture has been with me for years, and has been hung on the wall in three different living spaces. When my husband and I bought our house last summer, we didn't have a wide enough wall to hang it in its original orientation, so we turned it sideways and hung it in our stairway. Even after several cat gnaw marks (Spud has a thing for chewing on spongy materials) and a few dents from moving, it still looks awesome!


  1. I love this as you know. However, I take issue with the color scheme being 'juvenile'. Those happen to be my favorite colors!!! :)

    1. They're my favorite colors too, Tiff! But not everyone loves the bright and bold, I guess. :)


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