Adopt Me Vests: Part 2

Holy cow has it been a busy past couple of weeks for me... I've been traveling for work quite a bit (which is unusual), so I got done what I could on these super cute doggy vests in between trips to Orlando and Dallas.

Everything from arrived right away (yay, Prime!), which included the buckles, belting, and interfacing. I also picked up some cheap lime green fabric to make a sample so I could check my pattern.

The fabric arrived a week or so later; all 12 yards of it! Four yards of turquoise, eight yards of lime green.

I found the most efficient way to cut these out was to essentially cut four layers at once; a double thickness to get two vests, then another fold at the center of the vest. This ensures the vests are symmetrical, while also saving a ton of time and effort compared to cutting out the pieces individually. I had started out by tracing the patterns onto the fabric with a marker, but this seemed extra tedious. I ended up cutting the majority of them out with the pattern piece pinned to the fabric, like shown below.

Little thief stealing my pattern weights...

SOOOO helpful, these two. :)

I got a grand total of 44 vests from my 12 yards of fabric! That's about 10 more than I anticipated, so that makes me super excited. I cut the majority of the vests to the medium size; extra small seemed really tiny to be very common (chihuahua?), small is probably good for a Cocker spaniel or beagle, while the large seemed to fit a horse. Ha ha. Well... maybe a big St. Bernard or something. Most of the doggies at the Humane Society here tend to be "bully" mixes or other larger (but not horse-large) breeds, so I thought my "medium" size would fit a good majority of them.

Next up: screen printing! I separated the pairs of fabric pieces and adhered one from each set onto some fusible interfacing to stabilize the fabric for printing. I dropped off the stack of unfinished vests the day before I left for Orlando...

... and picked them up finished the day before I left for Dallas! They're so cute and I can't wait to get rolling on them again! My mom is going to come over on Saturday and help with the assembly process... I think I should go pick up some wine.

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished vests... Howie and Schnoodles will be making special appearances! :)


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