Quick & Simple Personalized Art Display

Do your kiddos make more art at school than your fridge can handle? My nephew Liam is apparently a super-duper prolific artist, and his mom needed somewhere to hang all his masterpieces.

I whipped up this neat little board out of an eight-foot piece of lumber, a few screws, some magnetic clips, paint, stain, glue, and a set of decorative letters.

First, I cut the eight-foot piece of 1x8" lumber in half to make two four-foot pieces. I attached them together from the back side with two smaller pieces of scrap wood and screws. Sorry... I don't have a picture of that. The lumber was pre-sanded and nice and smooth (I got it at Menards; it comes wrapped up in plastic to protect it from dings and scratches), so I just took it outside and stained it a nice chestnut brown.

Once the stain was dry, I brought the board in and laid out the clips evenly... then stuck them down with Gorilla Glue. I also dabbed some enamel model paint into the circular indents in the clips, just for fun. I'd guess there are many things that would fit in there... round 3D resin stickers, big rhinestones, whatever. I just used the enamel because I have a ton of it for some reason.

Next, I planned the placement of the lettering. The 4" LIAM letters were actually magnets, purchased at Michael's. They had a HUGE selection of letter embellishments in the spring (I don't get there too often, so I'm not sure if that's normal?), so I bought these white ones and a set of navy blue ones, not sure which color I'd end up with. I measured the space the letters occupied, then mentally divided up the rest of the length of the board to place the hand lettering. I very lightly drew the letters on with a pencil before going over them with paint, but they're freehand other than that.

Ta da! A quick, simple way to display all those wonderful footprint fruits and finger paintings...


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