5-Minute Dog Bandana

Happy Fourth of July!

Apparently I get all festive and stuff when I have a couple days off of work. I decided that, since I'd be wearing crazy American flag leggings today for the 4th of July, Howie needed something cute to wear too so he could look all sorts of adorable while we're checking out the festivities. I whipped up a star-spangled fireworks bandana that I think makes him sparkle.

I know... I know. Bandanas are like the simplest thing to make EVER. But most people just take a pinking shears and cut out a triangle, so eventually the bandana gets all raggedy and has to be tossed. Don't fret though- the little bit of extra effort really makes this bandana look finished and high-quality. And it's 2-sided.

I started out with some patriotic fabric from JoAnn. It was half off yesterday, so I got it for $4 per yard (sooo... $2 for half a yard). I ended up buying the rest of the bolt as well, since there was only 27 inches left, so it was also half off again. If you're keeping up with the math... that's like $5 total for 1.25 yards. I'll take it. :)

I cut a square from the fabric by folding the cut edge of the fabric up, parallel to the selvage edge to make sure it's square. Adjust the size of the bandana by moving the corner up or down; the diagonal edge will be the length around the doggy's neck, plus enough to tie it.

The way I cut mine, I actually got two squares out of my fabric. If you have a really big dog, you may need to open the fabric and get a single square out of the cut (although that would be a HUGE dog... perhaps a horse?).

Fold the fabric right sides together, corner to corner, and sew the open ends, leaving a 3-4" hole at one end.

Clip the corners off to reduce bulk, and turn the bandana right side out through the hole.

Using a pointed object (but not too sharp!), push the corners out from the inside to make nice crisp points.

Press the bandana so all the edges are nice and crisp, and fold in the raw edges of the opening.

Top stitch all the way around the bandana, pivoting on the corners and securing the ends with a couple back stitches.

Tie it on your pooch and admire! Howie is lookin' suave as he watches the people flock downtown for the 4th Festivities!


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