Donut look good?

I just had to share this quick snippet with you all. :)

Two guys I work with both got married this month (to women, not each other. Ha ha!), so we threw them a goofy "Groom Shower" last week. One of them is a Star Wars nerd, and the other apparently looks a lot like Nickelback's lead singer... thus the goofy Chad Kroger and Luke Skywalker cutouts on top.

Cutting the cake! They refused to feed it to each other...

I was tasked with making the cake. Both of these guys hate donuts for some reason, so naturally, we decided on a big white donut wedding cake. Ha ha. I ordered a cake pan from Amazon and got to work.

The cakes and both types of frosting/glaze are all made from scratch, and the recipes came from the Betty Crocker cookbook- ours was printed in 1980. Ha! I chose the recipe for "Bonnie Butter Cake".

Our copy has been around the block a few times.

I ended up making two batches of cake batter. Each batch filled the donut pan half way up once and my 12" round pan about 1/3 of the way up. I wasn't quite sure how much to put in each pan- the recipe didn't say "fill half way" or anything like that, so I had to guess a bit. The donuts turned out fine, while the round sheets were a bit thin. Oh well.

I whipped up both the "vanilla butter frosting" and the "creamy glaze"- yes, I used a lot of butter- and assembled my donut first, after the cakes had cooled for a while. I also learned the benefits of using  clear baking vanilla instead of the brown kind. My bridal white turned more ivory than I anticipated...

The two halves of the donut were stuck together with the frosting, and then drizzled with glaze and sprinkled with silver sprinkles and little round pearls. A proper wedding donut, if I do say so myself.

I then assembled the lower layer out of my two round sheets. I had to make an extra batch of the frosting after I completed the filling and crumb coating (more butter!), and slathered a nice thick layer on the outside and added more sprinkles. I stuck some white powdered donuts around the perimeter, using frosting in a piping bag to "glue" them in place. I had to scrape a bit of the powdered sugar off on the backsides first by rubbing them on the cooling rack. There was a bit of leftover frosting in the piping bag, so I did some really quick details around the edge.

The cake was a hit, and I didn't have to take any home! There was only a sliver left the next day, and it disappeared before lunch.

Good ol' Betty Crocker. She sure knows her cake! But what about some of these fancy decorating ideas?!?! Obviously WAAAAY pre-Pinterest.

Cakes "with flair"...

I'm not sure which special occasion merits a cat cake.


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